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Going Green: Recycling Members

Every credit union member starts out as a member in good standing. That’s just how it works. Fortunately, most of them remain members in good standing. But what about the ones who don’t?

By chance or through their own mistakes, some members get into financial trouble. Nobody sets out to become a financial disaster; sometimes it just happens. Then, whether with shame or defiance, they leave the credit union and their credit union debts behind.

Sometimes your collection department can nurse the member back to financial health. Other times, you have no choice but to charge the debt off. Then what?

Some credit unions just let the debt sit there. Others sell their bad paper to professional debt collectors. But either way, you essentially give up on the member. I don’t think that’s reflective of “the credit union way” and I also don’t think that’s necessarily a wise business decision.

For the most part, financial hard times are temporary.… Read more

Jack Interviews Tom and Paul regarding Trellance and OnApproach

NACUSO was very excited to hear of the acquisition of OnApproach by our Platinum Partner Trellance. NACUSO CEO Jack Antonini sat down with Tom Davis and Paul Ablack last week to learn more about this amazing partnership.

JACK: Tom and Paul, Congratulations. This makes so much sense since it allows you to continue to bring significant benefits to credit unions where scale is truly beneficial (i.e., understanding data uses, trends, and combining more data for the benefit of all users), just as you did with payment cards! Brilliant move, and keeping Paul Ablack to continue product development of M360, with Trellance’s resources, should be a very big positive for the industry!

TOM: Thank you, Jack, we appreciate the partnership with NACUSO and the support you’ve given us over the years.

JACK: I know these deals don’t just happen and take a lot of work. What was behind the decision to move toward data gathering and analytics, that led to the talks with OnApproach?… Read more

Two time NACUSO Next Big Idea Winner Partners with myCUmortgage to Offer Award Winning Products

Industry leading CUSOs join to offer innovative solutions to partner credit unions.

CU RateReset, the winner of the 2016 and 2018 NACUSO Next Big Idea and the provider of Financial Product Reset, Acquisition and Retention Software, today announced a partnership with myCUmortgage to offer CU RateReset Solutions to the myCUmortgage partner credit unions. CU RateReset’s three primary solutions all designed to engage the member through its KNOCK KNOCK platform are:

Reset – for Auto, Mortgage, Credit Cards, CDs, HELOCs, and Personal Loans: 

  • Enables a member to reset existing financial products they have with a credit union without the cost and hassle of refinancing – only a few clicks to complete the transaction.
  • Credit union selects members for program inclusion based on their internal requirements and CURateReset automates the member outreach, reset, and the closing documentation.
  • CURateReset automates loan and CD retention so Member Advocates can focus on expanding exisiting and developing new member relationships.
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CO-OP, Mastercard Analyzed 2,000 Financial Journeys, Focusing on Their Experience with Credit Unions

To offer credit unions a clearer picture of the member financial journey, CO-OP Financial Services is offering a free white paper and in-depth report that provides analysis of 2,000 individual journeys experienced by credit union members nationwide.

Mapping the Member Journey” was prepared by CO-OP in partnership with Mastercard Advisors. The study measured the performance of 13 different member engagements, such as applying for membership, making a service complaint, initiating a balance inquiry or starting an investment account. It then studied how both positive and negative performance influenced future behavior.

“In the digital age – where every transaction is captured, analyzed and followed-up on – true insight beats anecdotal knowledge every time,” said Todd Clark, President/CEO, CO-OP. “Our goal was to take a data-informed, scientific approach to discovering fresh opportunities for daily interactions with members. This kind of detailed insight into how members interact with their credit unions, what they value and what they don’t, will help optimize experiences for increased member satisfaction, retention and growth.”Read more

CU Evolution: Helping Small Credit Unions Think Big by Howard Bufe, President of CU Evolution

The financial services world, especially when it comes to the lender-borrower relationship, is undergoing intense disruption. Status quo leadership and lending will not work for most small credit unions. The time to evolve is now, and that is precisely why we have founded our new CUSO, CU Evolution

This month, we officially opened CU Evolution’s doors for business. The CUSO gives small credit unions (under $100mm) the strategies and tools to provide exceptional member and employee experiences in a rapidly evolving world.

My colleague, Deke Alexander, CEO of CU Evolution, summed up our mission best when he said, “Great leaders and great lenders – those are the credit union people who will transform the movement. CU Evolution’s hands-on, fully customized programs are built to help today’s credit union leaders and lenders go next-level, and fast.”

Our team is focused on evolving a credit union’s strategic planning, lending, leadership and marketing capabilities.… Read more