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Partner Connection Sessions Debut!

Kirk Kordeleski kicks off Partner Connection Session
Kirk Kordeleski kicks off Partner Connection Session

The challenge for credit union leaders who want to explore CUSOs and partnerships seems to be twofold: how to find and connect with partners who have similar challenges, needs and wants; and, how to evaluate their potential collaborations and develop the data and business plans and get them in front of the decision makers, in a quick enough process, so they know what the advantages are, the timeline and what they will need to invest. Recognizing these challenges we added Partner connection sessions to this year’s agenda.

Kirk Kordeleski kicked off the first of two Partner Connection Sessions on April 5th. Kordeleski has a history of working with credit unions to over come their reluctance to “lose control” and see the value of collaboration. His collaborations saved millions of dollars annually for the owners of OTS and S3 CUSOs.

Guy Messick leads discussion on compliance
Guy Messick leads discussion on compliance

Prior to the conference we sent a survey to all registrants to gauge their
interest in collaborating. We were pleased to have over 100 responses, and consequently attendees, respond. This helped us to narrow down the areas of interest and recruit the “who’s who” in the CUSO community to facilitate these conversations. In addition to Kordeleski, we had the following experts:

  • Vic Pantea, CEO of Pantea Consulting and Manger of Marketplace Alliances at CU*Answers
  • Guy Messick, General Counsel for NACUSO
  • Vim Anand, Management Consultant at Edge Consultancy
  • Mike Atkins, CEO of Open Technology Solutions
  • Mike Scully, CEO of S3 Shared Service Solutions and
  • Julie Wooding, Principal Consultant in the Scores group of FICO

The networking does not stop there – we are going to continue to foster these connections by inviting them to continue to connect with a LinkedIn group.