Next Big Idea Competition Nomination Form 2022

  • Describe the specific benefits to a credit union, credit union members and/or CUSO that uses your idea?
  • What distinguishes your idea from similar products, services and/or delivery channels? Why should a credit union use your idea over other solutions? What markets does your idea create or open up for credit unions and/or CUSOs?
  • Is your idea "ready to offer" or does it need to be developed? If it is not ready to offer, what is your timeline for development?
  • Do you need capital to finish your idea, or is it built and ready to offer? If you need capital, how much do you need? What is the return on investment for a credit union or CUSO who invests in your idea?
  • If not, are you open to credit union ownership, so you can become a CUSO?
  • Describe your business model. Describe the organizations that will be involved in the services (including credit unions and/or CUSOs), how the organizations will interact, who will control the organizations and how the revenues and costs will be shared among the organizations.
  • - A one paragraph summary description of your idea:
  • - A single sentence "one-liner" to best describe your idea:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.