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2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite #500
Ontario, California 91761

Phone: (877) 744-2835
Tony Boutelle

CU Direct helps credit unions, dealers and affinity groups succeed. Credit unions began with the proposition that they could provide everyday people with real lending alternatives.CU Direct built on that proposition. Since 1994, CU Direct’s focus has been helping credit unions succeed at providing a unique brand of lending – excellent, efficient and designed to serve the member.

Lending is a constant, but the world is changing. CU Direct helps credit unions deliver the solutions, products and features that meet the demands of today’s members – from leading-edge mobile technology to powerful, configurable lending platforms, analytics and reporting, auto-buying tools, retail lending solutions and more. As the pace of change accelerates, so does our commitment to keeping credit unions competitive with an increasingly comprehensive suite of products designed to help your credit union grow and succeed.

CU Direct

2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite #500, Ontario, California 91761
Phone: (877) 744-2835
John Carrington

CU Direct helps credit unions increase loan volume and income, create efficiencies, and grow membership through its automotive, lending and strategic solutions. CU Direct offers an extensive suite of products and services designed to help credit unions advance their lending programs.  Products include CUDL, the nation’s largest vehicle lending network for credit unions; CUDL AutoSMART, a digital auto shopping program; AutoPREMIER, a concierge auto buying service; Lending 360, a complete loan and new account origination platform; Lending Insights, a loan portfolio analytical system; OnSpot Financing, a retail & medical lending portal; Vero, vehicle service programs and identity theft solutions; and Intuvo, marketing automation software.  Visit

Lending 360 by CU Direct

Recognized as an industry-leading complete loan origination system, the Lending 360 LOS offers dynamic features that streamline the entire loan application process, increasing productivity and efficiency.  Lending 360 offers a powerful, configurable, workflow engine, that provides a single lending platform that effectively supports loan application processing activity across all consumer lending channels. Discover more about CU Direct’s Lending 360 LOS

Contact Info:
Lending 360
2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite 500, Ontario, CA 91761
Brit Barker
VP of CU Solutions

Recognized as the industry standard when it comes to harnessing big data for competitive advantage, CU Direct’s Lending Insights provides credit unions with best in class portfolio analytic tools to manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, increase profitability, and optimize loan portfolio performance.

Lending Insigths by CU DIRECT

Discover more about CU Direct’s Lending Insights

For more information on Lending Insights, visit  Lending Insights is part of the CU Direct Corporation family.

Contact Info:
Lending Insights
2855 E.   Guasti Road, Suite 500, Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 909-481-2355
Courtney Collier Product Manager

OnSpot Financing by CU Direct

CU Direct’s OnSpot Financing helps CUs grow and diversify their loan portfolios through the retail channel.  With OnSpot, CUs can offer members point-of-sale financing at retailers and service providers, using the system’s secure web-based portal.  OnSpot provides an ideal way to build local business relationships, and become the preferred financial institution for local retail providers.

Discover more about CU Direct’s OnSpot Financing

Contact Info:
OnSpot Financing
2855 E. Guasti Road, Suite 500, Ontario, CA 91761
Phone: 503-549-7961
Michael Hartley
Sr. Product Manager

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