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6000 28th Street SE - Suite 100
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546

Phone: 800-327-3478
Toll-Free: 800-327-3478
Fax: 616-285-5735
Randy Karnes

CU *Answers was founded more than 35 years ago and is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. CU*Answers offers a wide variety of services for credit unions including its flagship CU*BASE processing system in both an online (ASP) and in-house environment, and Internet development services featuring the It's Me 247 online banking product. Additional services include web site development, network design and security, image check processing and CU*Check 21 services. CU*Answers provides combined services to credit unions nationally representing nearly 1.5 million members and $10 billion in credit union assets. CU*Answers provides expertise in implementing technical solutions to operational needs, and is a leader in helping credit unions form strategic alliances and partnerships. For more information, visit - Represents a network of CUSO's sharing a common technology platform to effectuate a true collaborative industry model. These CUSO's include CU*Answers, CU*Northwest, CU*South, Xtend, and eDoc Innovations. Cuasterisk is also in business to help other credit unions and industry leaders form new and innovative CUSO's by supplying them with consulting services. These services are based upon proven industry tested templates and project plans which allow new

organizations to overcome the hurdles associated with collaborative initiatives. The team at cuasterisk believes that execution, cooperation, collaboration, and innovation will shape the credit union industry in the years to come.

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