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NACUSO Announces Strategic Reorganization and Creation of Key Positions to Drive Credit Union Advancement

February 16, 2024 – The National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) is proud to announce a significant reorganization aimed at accelerating the achievement of its strategic priorities. This transformation includes the establishment of two pivotal roles, the Head of Innovation and Growth Support Coordinator, as well as the realignment of key staff members to better serve the needs of all involved in the credit union industry nationwide.

As part of this reorganization, Amanda Reed will assume the role of Head of Collaboration, leveraging her extensive experience and expertise to foster meaningful partnerships and create educational experiences within the credit union industry. Additionally, Shawna Luna will take on the position of Head of Sustainability, driving initiatives to ensure the long-term viability and resilience of credit unions, CUSOs, fintechs and vendors in an ever-changing landscape.

“Our reorganization reflects our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability – three pillars essential for the advancement of credit unions,” said Ronaldo Hardy, President and CEO of NACUSO. “Innovation drives progress, enabling credit unions to adapt to changing member needs and technological advancements. Collaboration fosters synergy within the industry, allowing us to leverage collective knowledge and resources for mutual growth. Sustainability ensures the longevity and resilience of the industry, enabling us to thrive in the face of economic, regulatory, and societal shifts.”

“These strategic moves will enable us to better support our members and partners in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the financial services industry,” Hardy continued. “By investing in innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting sustainability, we are positioning the credit union industry as a whole to not only survive but to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Together, we will chart a course towards a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future for credit unions and their members.”

The search for the Head of Innovation will be led by Humanidei, a leading executive search firm specializing in the financial services sector. This critical role will be instrumental in driving forward-thinking strategies and technological advancements to propel credit unions into the future. More information about the role for Head of Innovation can be found here.

Furthermore, NACUSO is excited to announce the opening of the Growth Support Coordinator position. This role will play a pivotal part in providing tailored support and resources to credit unions seeking to expand their reach and impact in their communities.

“We are excited to step into this new phase of growth and innovation,” said Amanda Reed, Head of Collaboration at NACUSO. “I am genuinely thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation, ready to engage with our members and partners on a deeper level. Together, we have the power to forge stronger connections, spark creative solutions, and unlock the full potential of the credit union ecosystem.”

Individuals interested in the Growth Support Coordinator role are encouraged to learn more here or reach out directly to Amanda Reed at

The National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) is a leading advocate for the credit union movement, dedicated to advancing innovation, collaboration, and sustainability within the industry. With a diverse membership representing a wide range of credit union service organizations, NACUSO is committed to driving positive change and empowering credit unions to thrive in a dynamic financial landscape.

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Amanda Reed
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