Membership in NACUSO Will Provide You With Growth Options and Earnings Solutions Amid Today’s Economic Turmoil and Corporate Stabilization Effort.

NACUSO has evolved from an organization in 1985 that provided education and advice on the formation and operation of CUSOs to one that helps credit unions collaborate, innovate, and build business networks. NACUSO adapted to meet the changing need of the credit union industry. Today, NACUSO is “an educational organization comprised of a network of collaborators and innovators that embrace a positive industry message and amplifies the voice of credit unions and CUSOs by providing resources to help people collaborate, identify opportunities, build businesses, find solutions, and get things done.”

Membership Benefits.

Annual membership in NACUSO provides an educational and networking resource for credit unions, CUSOs, and vendors supporting the industry. Among the many benefits offered through NACUSO:

  • Provides a unifying source of industry leadership and sense of urgency for promoting collaboration and innovation to help the industry grow and survive.
  • Provides education and networking opportunities to help credit unions understand the value of “Buying CUSO”.
  • Creates the Ultimate Conference Experiences which highlight collaboration models, scalable platforms, multi-owned CUSOs and business networks.
  • Timely topics and blogs keep you current and up-to-date through peer insights with relevant information on CUSOs, networked businesses and collaborations.
  • Provides a mechanism and communication network for finding out “who’s doing what” in the industry, and discovering ways to synergistically work with other CUSOs, using the new NACUSO Marketplace and the CUSO Analyzer. The CUSO Analyzer is the only searchable database that contains all the CUSOs in the U.S. and the credit unions that use and/or support them. We make this data only available to our partners and members. In addition to the CUSO Analyzer, members have the opportunity to have a free listing in the NACUSO Marketplace. NACUSO Business Services has developed the NACUSO Marketplace to facilitate those connections on a digital platform. Service providers have a virtual sales booth they control. Credit unions are able to identify multiple provider choices, learn details about the services and value proposition of each provider, and compare providers to decide which providers to pursue further. More info about this is at
  • Facilitates aggregation and scalable platforms in the industry among credit unions and CUSOs  in order to lower unit costs, and/or increase product value which ultimately drives value back to the member.
  • Tracks and monitors the implementation of collaborative efforts, and provides information on implementation techniques and organization structures which support the collaboration and networked business models.
  • Serves as an industry advocate and voice for CUSOs on regulatory issues; provides timely and in-depth answers to “Request For Comment” action letters from the NCUA.

Harness the Value of Collaboration and Business Networks

Whether you are a Credit Union, wholly or multi-owned CUSO, Entrepreneur or Vendor looking for unique and collaborative opportunities, understand that CUSOs represent the future of the credit union industry – and CUSOs are already redefining credit union reach, range, and robustness. NACUSO is for you! Your membership is part of the foundation of NACUSO, and it’s your participation as a NACUSO member that will directly impact the industry’s ability to grow and thrive through the cooperative model.

Hear what industry leaders, Susan Mitchell and Jeffery Staw have to say about the value of a NACUSO Membership

NACUSO Membership Annual Costs

$995.00Primary Member
For CUSOs or Credit Unions
$1495.00Associate Membership
For Vendors serving the Credit Union or CUSO industry
$15,000.00Gold Partner Membership
For CUSOs, Credit Unions or Vendors
$25,000.00Platinum Partner Member
For CUSOs, Credit Unions or Vendors


Get Started.

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NACUSO memberships are corporate, and can be utilized by any member of your organization. Membership is open to all credit union industry participants. Your corporate membership is billed annually and provides you with many benefits.

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