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Instant Payments: Operational Challenges and Fraud Strategies for Credit Unions

With the addition of instant payments networks and the rise of fraudulent activities overall, credit unions are figuring out how to manage fraud across various payment rails. On March 14, 2024, at 2:00 ET, please join us for a NACUSO-hosted webinar where industry experts from Verafin and Alacriti will provide insights and strategies to help credit unions operationalize real-time payments and combat fraud effectively.

Mark Majeske, Senior Vice President of Faster Payments at Alacriti, will share his expertise on the challenges and solutions for integrating instant payments with existing infrastructure. Andrew Muzzatti, Head of Fraud Product Marketing at Verafin, will discuss the latest trends in payments fraud and provide valuable insights into fraud prevention strategies.

They will discuss:

  • Challenges in managing fraud across payment rails and the difficulties credit unions face with multiple systems and manual processes.
  • Why different protection strategies are essential for the RTP® network, Visa Direct, and the FedNow® Service
  • Emerging trends in payments fraud, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and elder scams
  • How to prepare fraud management programs for faster payments
  • What credit unions can do to combat fraud across payment rails using real-life examples 


Mark Majeske, SVP Faster Payments, Alacriti
Mark Majeske

As Senior Vice President of Faster Payments at Alacriti, Mark leads the overall corporate faster payments strategy and product development of the Orbipay Payments Hub. Mark also currently serves in the Faster Payments Council Board Advisory Group. Previously, Mark led product development for the RTP® network, the FedNowSM Service, and Zelle® at FIS. In addition, Mark was part of the team that designed, developed, and launched the RTP network at The Clearing House. He also worked in the financial industry in digital payments product development.

Andrew Muzzatti, Head, Fraud Product Marketing, Verafin
Andrew Muzzatti

As Director of Product Marketing, Andrew Muzzatti leads the overall go-to-market strategy for Verafin, focusing on fraud solutions. Throughout his time with the company, he held a similar role in AML strategy, building on his significant experience across a variety of marketing disciplines including advertising, product marketing, and digital marketing. With over 15 years of marketing experience in financial services and technology, including positions at the Bank of Montreal, JP Morgan Chase, and OpenText at FreshBooks, Andrew brings a breadth of knowledge to Verafin’s fraud product marketing strategy.

Past Webinars

Instant Payments: A Credit Union Perspective

Recorded June 28th

With the FedNowSM Service launching at the end of July, instant payments are on the fast track to ubiquity. But before credit unions hop on the bullet train to support them, they must understand: How will credit unions be impacted? And is your credit union properly equipped to receive them?

NACUSO Gold Partner, Alacriti, and Callahan-hosted a panel discussion on June 28 at 2:00 pm EDT featuring credit unions and payments experts. Discover the latest on faster payments in the U.S., including updates on the RTP® network and the FedNowSM Service. The panelists will answer your questions about where faster payments are going, how credit unions are preventing fraud, and how they’re using these new rails to meet member needs.

Using Technology to Improve Member Experience and Increase Engagement in Insurance and Financial Products

This webinar is presented by NACUSO Gold Partner, BackNine Insurance and Financial Services, Mark Chibbaro and Cara White, CEO of AmeriCU.

Topics Include:

– Leveraging existing software to minimize or eliminate hard dollar investment in new technology

-Eliminate the friction from the member

-Create greater trust with full transaction transparency

-Embed easy processes when and where members are most likely to engage

-Create freedom of choice for every member’s budget and life stage

-Deploy rapidly without a cumbersome integration or changes to current systems

Webinar Date: Thursday, June 15th at 10:00 am PDT/1:00 pm EDT

Key Questions to Ask About CUSOs

Recorded June 8, 2023.

For your credit union, it’s probably a matter of “when” not “if” when it comes to creating or partnering with a CUSO. Join Capstone Managing Director John Dearing and his guest, CUSO expert Brian Lauer, for a conversational, back-and-forth, interactive webinar as they discuss the right questions to ask (and the missteps to avoid), as you consider entering the CUSO marketplace.

What’s a Next-Gen CUSO?

Recorded March 31, 2022.

You know collaboration is the foundation of the credit union movement. In fact, according to recent research from Filene and Nymbus, credit unions involved in CUSOs simply perform better.  Choosing a next-gen CUSO for growth, though, takes serious consideration. Join Filene’s Taylor Nelms, Dave Tucker from Curql Fund and Nymbus CUSO President John Janclaes as they walk through how to put the principles of cooperative finance into action by working with CUSOs in ways that resemble fintech partnerships. Learn how to apply this differentiating strategy to combat growing competition and shift from playing defense to going on offense.

TCH RTP Network vs. the FedNow Service: Is There a Wrong Choice?

Recorded March 29, 2022.

Credit unions have had to make the difficult decision of offering the benefits of real-time payments right away with either the TCH RTP® Network—or waiting for FedNowSM Service. With the FedNowSM Service on track to go live in 2023, much of the wait is over. So which one is better? Or should credit unions embrace both networks? Erika Baumann, Sr. Analyst for Aite Aite-Novarica, and Al Griffin, Product Manager at Alacriti, discusses how FedNowSM Service and the RTP Network should fit into your payments strategy.

Next-Generation CUSO: A New Innovation Model for Credit Unions to Thrive

Recorded June 24, 2022 with John Janclaes, Trish North and Brian Lauer

Amid global upheaval and pandemic-forced shutdowns, credit unions met member needs with digital experiences powered by technology built over the last decade. But digital alone is not a future-proof strategy. To thrive long-term will take leaning into foundational credit union strengths and fierce pursuit of continuous innovation. The result: dynamic personal experiences that keep members loyal no matter what lies ahead. Nymbus CUSO President John Janclaes, a longtime credit union advocate and operator, and Trish North, financial institution growth champion and Nymbus Chief Customer Officer, will join Brian Lauer, who (literally) wrote the book on CUSOs, to talk about how a new kind of CUSO will help credit unions confidently move forward—with crisis-level speed.

How Credit Unions Can Benefit from Aflac’s New Consumer Marketing Strategy

Recorded September 21, 2022 with Aflac and SCFCU Financial Services CUSO

Listen to this webinar to learn how to earn non-interest income while solving significant member needs with Aflac’s new credit union platform. This panel discussion was moderated by Brian Lauer, NACUSO General Counsel with Bonnie Ciuffo, CUSO President of SCFCU Financial Solutions and Ward Garrett, Director of Alliance Business Development of Aflac.

And the winner of the 2023 NBI Competition is….

The Next Big Idea

NACUSO’s Next Big Idea Competition, our version of the popular TV Show “Shark Tank” is now in its eleventh year, with a prize of $7,500 for first place, and $2,500 for second place, courtesy of CO-OP Financial Services! Our largest audience to date selected GoalSetter as first place and Mahalo Banking as second.



Goalsetter is the only family saving, investing, financial education, and smart spending platform that makes it easy for the whole family to go cashless while teaching them how to be money smart. Centered around fun, relevant, and engaging financial education content, Goalsetter’s smart money platform for families provides users with a savings account, an investment platform, and a teen and tween debit card with parental controls and game-based financial education quizzes.

Mahalo Banking


Mahalo Banking, a CUSO that provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions, has created a next-generation digital banking platform. The technology is engineered to deliver neurodiversity functionality intended to improve digital inclusivity and accessibility and better accommodate the cognitive needs of all credit union members. The reimagined platform caters to members with neurodiverse abilities and cognitive distinctions, such as dyslexia, autism, colorblindness, ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, visual sensitivity, ASD and more. Among the platform’s new features are left- and right-hand use modes, font options for those with dyslexia or visual impairments and the ability to disable animations for individuals affected by epilepsy.

Illuma Labs


“Illuma Shield” is a real-time voice authentication and fraud prevention service for credit union call centers. Replacing traditional and intrusive authentication processes like knowledge-based authentication (i.e., mother’s maiden name, etc.), Illuma Shield passively analyzes the member’s voice over natural conversation and results in higher authentication accuracy in a fraction of the time.



NetGiver eliminates credit card, platform and administrative fees associated with charitable transactions and the charity gets 100 percent of what credit union members donate. Provided to credit union members as a mobile app, NetGiver is a unique acquisition and retention tool which delivers a branded, feel-good experience by simply and securely facilitating donations to a member’s preferred nonprofit organizations.

Posh Technologies


Posh has built a powerful conversational AI platform that is more humanlike and natural. The platform is designed such that it can integrate seamlessly with credit union backend tools, from banking cores to customer relationship management systems.

Pure IT Credit Union Services


Pure IT offers customized strategic roadmaps ahead to help the credit union crush their goals, regardless of what solution or gadget they implement. Pure IT services credit unions needing an objective blueprint that outlines where their current strategy is now, and where they want to grow.

Congratulations to all four of our finalists who did an amazing job presenting in what we are all coming to know is the norm for now.

Thanks again to CO-OP Financial Services for supporting our event with $10,000.00 in cash prizes.

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