As the only trade association serving CUSOs, and their collaborative credit union owners, we understand the value of connecting like-minded people in the spirit of innovation and collaboration.

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Callahan and Associates: The Credit Union Company
CUSO Analyzer

That’s why we partnered with Callahan and Associates to build the CUSO Analyzer database. Based on 30+ years of experience in credit union strategy and data, Callahan is the leader in research analytics, networking and consulting solutions. Their team took the raw data from NCUA’s CUSO Register and Call Reports and combined that with hours of cross-referencing, cleaning, and validating data.

The result is an easy to use search engine that will allow you to dive deep into collaborative and unique CUSO models. You can search by owners, investors and types of CUSOs. You can narrow your search by geographic locations and industry specific solutions such as insurance CUSOs. It should be a valuable tool for analyzing opportunities, growing, investing in and/or starting a CUSO.

This is an exclusive access afforded only to members of NACUSO. You’ll find it easy to navigate and a powerful directory for finding potential partners in the many industries CUSOs cover. Unlike the NCUA’s CUSO Registry, where you do not have access to information to allow you to connect with CUSOs and/or their credit union owners, the CUSO Analyzer contains contact information.

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