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eDOCSignature proves essential in credit union space

While no organization can avoid all business challenges, technology can minimize the impact of these interruptions when properly applied. As if the stress caused by the coronavirus was not enough, a recent fast-moving hurricane made landfall in the state of Texas, bringing strong winds and flooding that left many people stranded. Members First Credit Union, based in Corpus Christi, experienced this weather disturbance but was prepared to face it. The credit union efficiently addressed its members’ needs by using the many standard features available with eDOCSignature®. Members First has been using eDOCSignature since fall of 2018 and has been able to continue serving its members amid both the pandemic and the recent hurricane.

“We have been balancing all of the changes that COVID and our latest hurricane brought us with providing an uninterrupted level of service, so pretty much the same story as most credit unions,” said Blake Kemis, Member First’s IT manager. “eDOCSignature really came in handy when we started allowing our members to complete multiple skip payments to help them through the pandemic, and I know we had hundreds of submissions. I believe this was an essential start to having more of our members get comfortable with electronic signatures!”

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