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CRMNEXT announces publication of the 2021 Right On The Money contest report

January 13, 2022 — CRMNEXT is excited to announce publication of the 2021 Right On The Money report, featuring an overview of the institutional and individual winners as well as the top 10 nominees in each category.

The Right On The Money contest recognizes financial institutions and individuals whose heroic efforts are creating remarkable change in their communities. ROTM 2021 was only the second time this annual contest—presented by CRMNEXT and co-sponsored this year by CU Sol and America’s Credit Union Museum—has taken place. We received 97 submissions, more than double the inaugural year.

We congratulate the winners of 2021’s contest and look forward to recognizing more of the community enhancing work being done in the financial industry with 2022’s Right On The Money Contest.

Find the 2021 Right On The Money report here.


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