2023 CUSO of the Year Awards

NACUSO understands the importance collaboration and innovation play in building a strong and vibrant credit union industry. The CUSO model brings together a unique combination of leaders with a cooperative heart combined with business acumen that is unparalleled. We recognize these CUSOs annually at our conference to inspire others to continue to make certain our future is secure. CUSOs that have added value to their members, created an innovative solution to a problem, reduced operational costs and increased income, should be nominated. 

​Are you a new CUSO? We know it can take time to grow your organization, our “New CUSO of the Year Award” recognizes CUSOs established in the last 5 years.

The 2023 CUSOs of the Year Award winners are…

CUSO of the Year: Centennial Lending

NEW CUSO of the Year Award: Arkatechture, and Reseda Group

Distinguished Service Award: Origence

Top left: Arkatechture & Top right: Reseda Group.
Bottom left: Origence & Bottom right: Centennial Lending

Congratulations to all four of our award winners for 2023, and a sincere thank you for the continued forward movement of CUSOs and Credit Union services.

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The deadline to submit nominations ended on February 7th. Winners will be announced on March 29th at the CUSO Awards Presentation during the NACUSO Network Conference.

Our nomination process is super simple. Nominate the CUSO by letting us know the CUSO name and their contact information. We will contact the CUSO after February 7th to schedule a 30 minute interview by zoom with our selection committee. See below for all details and the award criteria. 

How to Nominate a CUSO:

  • Nominations are simply done by completing the online form with the CUSO name and contact information (only one nomination is needed). 
  • If the CUSO is less than 5 years old, please be sure to enter the year established to nominate them for the “New CUSO of the Year” Award.


  • Self nominations are acceptable.  All nominations must be received by February 7, 2023.
  • Only one form needs to be submitted to nominate the CUSO. 
  • Conference attendance is not required to apply, but for those who do wish to attend, participants are required to register for the Conference.
  • CUSO First Place Award winners from 2020-2022 are ineligible – all others nominees are welcome to re-apply.

Award Criteria/Selection Process:

  • NACUSO will contact the CUSO to schedule a 30 minute video interview via zoom with the NACUSO Awards Committee. Interviews will take place between February 10-24, 2023 (dates subject to change). This is the process we use to determine the award recipients and it’s a great way for us to learn more about the CUSO.
  • To prepare for the interview, click here to download the questions that will be asked.
  • Anyone from the CUSO and the CU are welcome to participate in the interview with the NACUSO Awards Committee. 
  • By March 6, 2023: After all interviews have been conducted, nominees will be notified with the award status. 
  • March 29, 2023: Winners will be announced in the CUSO Awards presentation during the NACUSO Network Conference at The Wynn Las Vegas Resort. 
  • Please contact Shawna@nacuso.org or call 888-462-2870 if you have any questions.

CUSO Award Winners: 

2022 – LenderClose & Prodigy
2021 – LoanStar Technologies 
2019 – Member Access Processing 
2018 – The Servion Group 
2017 – CU*NorthWest 
2016 – PSCU 
2015 – Open Technology Solutions & Shared Service Solutions (S3)
2014 – CU Benefits Alliance 
2013 – CU Direct 
2012 – Member Loyalty Group 
2011 – Xtend, Inc.
2010 – Ongoing Operations, LLC
2009 – CU Student Choice 
2008 – CU*Answers

New CUSO Award Winners:

2022 – Zest AI
2021 – Payac CLG

2019 – Constellation Digital Partners 
2018 – OnApproach 
2017 – CU Revest 
2016 – Member Support Services ​

CUSO Award Distinguished Service Award Recipients: 

2022 – Member Driven Technologies
2021 – United Solutions Company

Congratulations to our 2022 CUSO of the Year Award Winners: LenderClose, Prodigy, ZestAI and Member Driven Technologies