2019 The Next Big Idea Competition

The 7th annual Next Big Idea winner is Zogo Finance. Bolun Li, Founder of Zogo began his presentation by asking the attendees to raise their hand if they had teenagers, now or in the past. And then he did an amazing job explaining to a room full of parents how his product can both educate and motivate teenagers. A daunting task to be sure. Zogo received 55% of the audience’s votes to claim the victory.

The Next Big Idea

The Next Big Idea Winner is the idea that will best help a credit union/CUSO: 

  • improve earnings
  • enhance their member service
  • deliver new products and/or services to their members
  • improve delivery channels to their members

These innovative ideas can be:

  • at the early stage of development that may need investment
  • ready to be delivered or implemented
  • already in motion and are growing and changing the industry.

Chosen candidates were given 7 minutes to present their ideas at the 2019 NACUSO Network Conference, and then had a 10-15 minute Q&A with our panel of Judges. At the conclusion, the attendees voted for the winner of the competition using their smart phone/iPad app. Zogo Finance received 55% of the votes to take the victory. For more information go to https://www.zogofinance.com/