2018 The Next Big Idea Competition

NACUSO is bringing a credit union “shark tank” experience of the five (5) best ideas in the marketplace for credit unions and/or CUSOs during our Annual NACUSO Network Conference in Anaheim, California in April 16-19, 2018.

We are now accepting submissions for the ideas that will best help a credit union/CUSO improve earnings, enhance their member service, deliver new products and/or services to their members and/or improve delivery channels to their members.

We are looking for innovative ideas, some at the early stage of development that may need investment (an opportunity for those CUs or CUSOs who want to invest in new opportunities to help the industry), others that are ready to be delivered or implemented, and will help them grow, deal with challenges or help better serve their member/owners. In the famous “shark tank” tradition, we will have 4 diverse, well known innovators as judges to ask questions of the winning innovators who are selected to present to attendees, as well as the attendees who will be able to ask the contestants questions, using their smart phone or iPad by a special App we have being designed for the conference. At the conclusion, attendees will be able to vote for the winner of the competition using their smart phone/iPad app, and more importantly talk with the innovative competitors in the reception immediately following the competition. Please complete the following questions.

 All information received will be kept confidential ……. The deadline to submit nominations is March 5, 2018. We will select the five (5) best ideas and contact candidates by March 12, 2018. Chosen candidates will be given 7 minutes to present their ideas at the NACUSO Network Conference on April 18th, and will have 10-15 minute Q&A with our panel of Judges.  Candidates  presenting in the Next Big Idea competition must be registered attendees for the conference.  Please e-mail shawna@nacuso.org if you have any questions.

  • Describe the specific benefits to a credit union, credit union members and/or CUSO that uses your idea?
  • What distinguishes your idea from similar products, services and/or delivery channels? Why should a credit union use your idea over other solutions? What markets does your idea create or open up for credit unions and/or CUSOs?
  • Is your idea "ready to offer" or does it need to be developed? If it is not ready to offer, what is your timeline for development?
  • Do you need capital to finish your idea, or is it built and ready to offer? If you need capital, how much do you need? What is the return on investment for a credit union or CUSO who invests in your idea?
  • Are you currently a CUSO or do you intend to become a CUSO by adding credit union owners?
  • Describe your business model. Describe the organizations that will be involved in the services (including credit unions and/or CUSOs), how the organizations will interact, who will control the organizations and how the revenues and costs will be shared among the organizations.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.