2017 NACUSO Network Conference
2017 Nominations for CUSO & CU Awards

Sorry we are no longer accepting nominations after February 17th.  Winners will be announced on
April 12th at the NACUSO Network Conference

Credit Union Collaboration and Innovation Award

This award is aimed at showcasing those Credit Unions who exhibit leadership in utilizing the CUSO collaborative model to deliver value to the credit union and its members.

  • Have you developed a unique CUSO-based business structure or approach?
  • Have you created a competitive advantage for your credit union using products or services through the use of a CUSO?
  • Has your credit union leveraged the collaborative model to create real benefit for your members?
If so, then nominate your credit union! Or nominate another credit union! Submissions due February 17, 2017.


CUSO of the Year & New CUSO of the Year Awards

NACUSO will once again recognize excellence in collaboration with the CUSO of the Year Award. For CUSOs that have been around for 5 years or less, that have made a significant contribution to the movement, we’ve added The New CUSO of the Year Award.

  • Has your organization or a CUSO you are involved with made a significant difference in our industry, or for your members? ?
  • Have you leveraged the collaborative model for the benefit of your owners and members?
  • Have you developed a unique business structure or approach?
  • Have you saved significant costs for your credit union owners through shared CUSO ownership?
If so, we want to hear from you! Inspire others by sharing your story and nominating your CUSO for this prestigious award.  Submissions due February 17, 2017