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Las Vegas is Open for Business!  We are excited to announce that the NACUSO Network Conference will be held November 8-11, at the Encore Las Vegas Resort for 2021. Earlybird Registration and Hotel Reservations are now available at www.NACUSOnetwork.com

Eblasts & Upcoming Webinars

Check back for Recording from June 24 Webinar/
Next-Generation CUSO: A New Innovation Model for Credit Unions to Thrive – Amid global upheaval and pandemic-forced shutdowns, credit unions met member needs with digital experiences powered by technology built over the last decade. But digital alone is not a future-proof strategy. To thrive long-term will take leaning into foundational credit union strengths and fierce pursuit of continuous innovation. The result: dynamic personal experiences that keep members loyal no matter what lies ahead. Nymbus CUSO President John Janclaes, a longtime credit union advocate and operator, and Trish North, financial institution growth champion and Nymbus Chief Customer Officer, will join Brian Lauer, who (literally) wrote the book on CUSOs, to talk about how a new kind of CUSO will help credit unions confidently move forward—with crisis-level speed.  You’ll Learn:

●   How a new CUSO model that focuses on growth and continuous innovation, not singular operational efficiencies or products, will reposition credit unions from playing defense to offense against digital challengers
●   Why getting comfortable with speed is critical to thriving long-term
●   How niche banking leverages credit union strengths so they can differentiate—and win—in today’s fiercely competitive environment
●   Why an integrated ecosystem of people, processes and technology makes scaling for future growth possible

June 30 @ 11:00 a.m. PT | 2:00 p.m. ET
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Keeping Up With Fintech: How Sound Credit Union Built a Foundation for Rapid FinTech Innovation
In this webinar, Ongoing Operations will host David Wexler, CEO of ModusBox, and Martin Walker, VP Digital Experience & Innovation of Sound Credit Union, for an overview of Sound CU’s digital transformation journey. They will cover the cultural and technical challenges faced, best practices employed, how the initiative has launched the credit union forward, and a live Q&A. Watch the webinar live to ask Sound Credit Union YOUR questions and hear about their insights, recommendations, and lessons learned

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The Next Big Idea

And the winner of the 2020 NBI Competition is….

NACUSO’s Next Big Idea Competition, our version of the popular TV Show “Shark Tank” is now in its eighth year, and 2020 marks the first year in which prize money is available — $7,500 for first place, and $2,500 for second place, courtesy of CO-OP Financial Services!  2020 also marked the first year the competition was not live, but rather online. The rules were the same, each contestant was given 7 minutes to present and then the judges were given 8 minutes to ask questions. But ultimately the “audience” decides the winner. And with over 125 attending they voted NetGiver as number one and Posh Technologies took second place.  The Final Four and their Big Ideas included:

Illuma Labs (www.Illuma-labs.com). “Illuma Shield” is a real-time voice authentication and fraud prevention service for credit union call centers. Replacing traditional and intrusive authentication processes like knowledge-based authentication (i.e., mother’s maiden name, etc.), Illuma Shield passively analyzes the member’s voice over natural conversation and results in higher authentication accuracy in a fraction of the time.

NetGiver (www.netgiverapp.com). NetGiver eliminates credit card, platform and administrative fees associated with charitable transactions and the charity gets 100 percent of what credit union members donate. Provided to credit union members as a mobile app, NetGiver is a unique acquisition and retention tool which delivers a branded, feel-good experience by simply and securely facilitating donations to a member’s preferred nonprofit organizations.

Posh Technologies (www.posh.tech). Posh has built a powerful conversational AI platform that is more humanlike and natural. The platform is designed such that it can integrate seamlessly with credit union backend tools, from banking cores to customer relationship management systems.

Pure IT Credit Union Services (https://pureitcuso.com). Pure IT offers customized strategic roadmaps ahead to help the credit union crush their goals, regardless of what solution or gadget they implement. Pure IT services credit unions needing an objective blueprint that outlines where their current strategy is now, and where they want to grow.

Congratulations to all four of our finalists who did an amazing job presenting in what we are all coming to know is the norm for now.

Thanks again to CO-OP Financial Services for supporting our event with $10,000.00 in cash prizes.

Watch Playoff Round One: https://vimeo.com/469013487
Watch the Final Four Present: https://vimeo.com/473219852