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How to Build a Successful Member Experience Program

Credit Unions know that focusing on member experience is an essential element of growth. Member Experience Programs need to be carefully designed to ensure that the credit unions are hearing and taking care of members.

In the first of our CU Innovation Webinar series, NACUSO Gold Partner CloudCherry will take take you through the three essential pillars of member experience management and show how your credit union can implement each one to continuously meet and exceed member expectations.

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How to Start Text Messaging at Your Credit Union Today

In this NACUSO-Eltropy webinar you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the speed and high response rates of text messaging to improve member experience
  • Receive real-time analytics on member engagement and know the best times to call so you can cross-sell/upsell more products
  • Remove obstacles to a text messaging-based platform (e.g., FCC/TCPA compliance and integration with a core system)
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Regulatory Advocacy Member Report

In addition to networking and education opportunities, NACUSO very highly prioritizes regulatory advocacy for its members.  NACUSO is committed to protecting a regulatory climate that fosters innovation and collaboration in the credit union industry.  The Board of NACUSO is laser focused on that goal and recognizes that the regulatory environment CUSOs operate under is much more determined in the board room at NCUA, in the state supervisory authority offices and in the director’s suite at CFPB than in the halls of Congress.

While NACUSO actively works when necessary on congressional issues such as opposing the extension of unlimited third party vendor regulatory and supervisory authority to NCUA, our Board continues to emphasize that NACUSO’s priority continues to be focusing on those regulatory bodies that most directly affect CUSOs – the NCUA and state credit union regulators.  In addition, we closely monitor other regulatory bodies that can affect certain business services provided by CUSOs.  For example, the CFPB can affect mortgage lending services and the SEC can affect investment services. Continue reading Regulatory Advocacy Member Report