NACUSO Advocacy Fund Pledge

NACUSO is the industry’s home for collaborative business models and innovative solutions, and helps credit unions seeking collaboration as a competitive advantage. NACUSO promotes collaboration, innovation, growth and entrepreneurship within the credit union industry. 

Collaboration is inherent in the credit union structure as cooperatives and is one of the most powerful differentiators of credit unions from other financial service providers. Collaborative business models are effective, efficient platforms for innovative solutions because they create economies of scale, lower operating costs, spread risk and capital, as well as leverage infrastructure and intellectual capital. CUSOs are the most common form of collaborative business model in the U.S. credit union system.

To build a sustainable credit union industry long term, we must create a favorable environment for innovation and collaboration through legislative activism and regulatory advocacy. The regulatory environment either spurs or inhibits innovation and collaboration. A favorable regulatory climate is crucial to the ability of credit unions to fully reap the benefits of innovation and collaboration. 

Please consider helping with our efforts by learning more about our 2023-2024 plan here.

I Pledge My Support for the Advocacy Fund