About Us

The National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) was formed in 1985 to help credit unions explore the use of CUSOs and the delivery of non-traditional products and services. Over the years, NACUSO’s focus has evolved to helping credit unions form multi-owned CUSOs and participate in collaboration and the cooperative business model.

NACUSO’S Core Purpose

To be the leader of innovation, collaboration and advocacy for CUSOs and the credit union industry.

Our highly competitive marketplace and the industry’s changing regulatory environment require our businesses to work faster and smarter. Therefore, the synergy between Credit Unions and CUSOs has never been more important. The treasury of knowledge offered by NACUSO and shared among its membership is more relevant than it has ever been in NACUSO’s 37+ year history.

Members of NACUSO believe that innovation coupled with collaboration are the means by which credit unions can transform themselves and achieve a new level of success, and combine the best elements and advantages of free-market theory with traditional credit union philosophy.

Credit unions now face a finite set of choices. They must grow to survive. Growth brings efficiencies and resources that enable credit unions to successfully compete in the financial services marketplace. Without greater efficiencies and a full array of competitive financial services, the credit union industry’s place in the nation’s financial marketplace risks becoming marginalized. NACUSO believes the use of collaboration and innovation provides the best hope for strengthening credit unions and ensuring the survival of the credit union industry.

CUSO Analyzer

CUSO ANALYZER is an easy to use search engine that will allow you to dive deep into collaborative and unique CUSO models. You can search by owners, investors and types of CUSOs. You can narrow your search by geographic locations and industry specific solutions such as insurance CUSOs. It should be a valuable tool for analyzing opportunities, growing, investing in and/or starting a CUSO.

This is an exclusive access afforded only to members of NACUSO. You’ll find it easy to navigate and a powerful directory for finding potential partners in the many industries CUSOs cover. Unlike the NCUA’s CUSO Registry, where you do not have access to information to allow you to connect with CUSOs and/or their credit union owners, the CUSO Analyzer contains contact information.

Advisory Boards

NACUSO currently utilizes advisory boards to ensure the organization responds to the financial services, operational services, business services, mortgage services and consumer lending segments of the industry.

Expanded Conference & Collaborative Opportunities

NACUSO holds first class educational conferences each year and conducts regional workshops or webinars on emerging issues as required. We also provide comprehensive coverage of events online and maintain a complete text and graphic (html) archive of past conference coverage. NACUSO members receive discounted registration fees. In addition, plans call for NACUSO to share best practices, case studies and practical application solutions on a much timelier basis. That timeliness will be achieved through regular, online Webinars (free to members). NACUSO also intends to incorporate smaller regional presentations to maximize reach and enhance valuable face-to-face networking.

CUSO Focused Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy

NACUSO has become the leading CUSO Regulatory Advocate, addressing issues that affect both credit unions and CUSOs such as the MBL Cap, NCUA’s CUSO Regulations, NCUA’s Risk Based Capital regulations, etc. NACUSO is focused on ensuring that the credit union movement will be able to utilize and benefit from CUSOs for years to come, as unencumbered as possible. Guy Messick and Brian Lauer  with Messick Lauer & Smith P.C. in Media, PA., have been General Counsels to NACUSO since 1987. Messick Lauer & Smith P.C. have provided strategic planning and legal consultation services to hundreds of credit unions and CUSOs nationwide.

Regulatory Action

NACUSO will continue to have an active role in the regulatory and political action arena including:

  1. Developing a pro-active political action agenda
  2. Working with our Regulatory Action Committee comprised of interested members who make recommendations to the Board
  3. Having a Regulatory Action Committee liaison for each of the Advisory Boards in their specific subject areas
  4. Working with other CU trade associations to coordinate NACUSO’s efforts
  5. Seeking out a part time advisor and lobbyist to represent our interests before regulators and legislators

Limited Legal Counsel

To save your organization time and money, NACUSO offers limited counsel on CUSO issues to members, providing valuable assistance by answering commonly asked legal questions.  Many credit unions don’t have the resources to handle the demands from increasingly strenuous regulatory constraints. NACUSO is a respected, effective voice and advocate for a fair regulatory climate that permits credit unions to innovate and better serve their members. Through collaboration, NACUSO members and other experts on industry issues fight for what is best for the credit union industry.

Reference Resources

NACUSO can refer you to a qualified source for information, saving you many hours of research when looking for information on Best Practices, Benchmarking, Industry Standards and other tools. Speaker materials and PowerPoint presentations are always available to members. That way, ideas, concepts, strategies and innovative products offered by industry leaders, experts and guests at NACUSO conferences are always at hand.


NACUSO’s Regulatory Updates and quarterly newsletters are sent directly to members’ email addresses, saving the time and trouble of searching for important information in multiple locations.

Annual Recognition Awards

NACUSO recognizes outstanding CUSOs each year with its CUSO of the Year and New CUSO of the Year Award . A panel of industry leaders and experts considers nominees for these prestigious awards.

Annual Corporate Membership

The following business types should consider NACUSO membership and collaborative efforts in order to take advantage of our multi-faceted and continuously growing benefits:

  • Credit unions
  • Wholly-owned CUSOs
  • Multi-credit union CUSOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Vendors

NACUSO membership is open to credit unions without established CUSOs. Your annual membership will more than pay for itself when you take advantage of NACUSO resources, networking opportunities, and collaborative events.  E-mail  Connect@nacuso.org for more info or simply complete the online form below.  NACUSO memberships are corporate, and can be utilized by any member of your organization. Membership is open to all credit union industry participants. Your corporate membership is billed annually and provides you with many benefits.   View NACUSO Membership Benefits Brochure

For a limited time only, credit unions and  CUSOs  can join NACUSO at a special discount of 50% off (discount applies to the $995 Primary memberships only).