“BUY CUSO” Logo License & Terms

All current members in good standing (all dues are current) of NACUSO are granted a conditional license to use the “Buy CUSO” Logo (“Logo”).  The member’s use of the Logo shall be deemed to be the member’s consent to this License and Terms of Use. The Logo may be applied to the member’s correspondence, solicitations and websites without the prior permission of NACUSO.  The Logo shall not be used on contracts.  The purpose of the Logo is to convey the message that when considering service providers, credit unions should give first consideration to CUSOs. CUSOs enable credit unions to acquire both scale and control over key operational services. The Logo is not an endorsement by NACUSO of the specific CUSO using the Logo and such representation should not be expressed or implied by the member using the Logo. 


This license shall terminate if the member ceases to be a member in good standing of NACUSO, the member does not use the Logo as provided herein, the member misrepresents the message of the Logo or NACUSO terminates the use of the Logo.  NACUSO reserves the right to direct the member not to use the Logo generally or in a particular situation.  The member prints the Logo at its own risk and NACUSO is not liable to a member for printing or paper costs if the Logo can no longer be used by the member.  This license does not extend to the NACUSO corporate logo which can only be used with the written permission of NACUSO.


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