Use Your BUY CUSO Logo or Lose Potential CU Business.

Credit Union Solutions.  It’s In Your DNA.      

  • As NACUSO member Credit Unions and CUSOs, it’s time to help Credit Union decision-makers think of CUSOs first when they have a need to connect with collaborative and innovative CUSO or third-party solution providers.  Credit Union solutions naturally exist in a CUSO’s DNA because CUSOs are created by Credit Unions to serve Credit Unions and their members.
  • You can do your part very easily.  Simply e-mail your BUY CUSO Logo Art request to and you’ll receive a BUY CUSO Logo digital Art “E-Packet” in a convenient Zipped File via return e-mail.

 Use the BUY CUSO Logo Almost Anywhere. 

  • The BUY CUSO Logo Art “E-Packet” contains everything a NACUSO member’s marketing or advertising designer needs to add the BUY CUSO Logo into your marketing communications. 
  •  Use the logo in your advertising and collateral materials from Post-it notepads to product/service brochures, display materials, PowerPoint presentations, even your stationery and Web site.
  • Spread the message now and be a part of NACUSO’s BUY CUSO ad campaign.  Only NACUSO members may use the BUY CUSO logo.         

Do Your Part…Use the Logo.    

  • Beginning in September 2007, leadership from six (6) forward-thinking Credit Unions and CUSOs stepped up with donations totaling $32,500, – Mountain America Credit Union, CU*Answers, Beyond Marketing, Member Gateways, TruHome Solutions, and Michigan Educational Credit Union.   
  • These six proactive Credit Unions & CUSOs brought the BUY CUSO awareness campaign to the industry through advertising NACUSO placed in trade publications and their Web sites.  You can do your part too, each time you use the BUY CUSO Logo Art in your marketing communications.  You may also donate to the NACUSO sponsored BUY CUSO awareness campaign.
  • If you desire to join this proactive group of industry leaders and help spread the word about the effective work CUSOs perform for Credit Unions through collaboration, contribute to the BUY CUSO awareness campaign right away. Contact NACUSO toll-free: 1-888-462-2870 or e-mail 

“A Rising Tide Floats All Boats.” – J.F.K.

As President Kennedy’s quote reminds us, the BUY CUSO message helps everyone:

  1. Credit Unions will benefit from using CUSO providers that are credit union professionals.  CUSOs are created by Credit Unions to serve Credit Unions. 
  2. CUSOs will benefit from the additional contacts made from Credit Unions that “get the message,” rather than losing business to vendors outside our industry. 
  3. Credit Union owners of CUSOs will also benefit when their CUSO experiences increase revenue from an expanding customer base.
  • CUSOs enable credit unions to acquire both scale and control with financial and operational services.  Use the BUY CUSO logo in your communications as a symbol of your endorsement and help all CUSOs increase awareness among Credit Unions.  Credit Unions should give first consideration to CUSOs — and BUY CUSO!

We have Met the Vendor and it is Us. | The Credit Union Industry is going through a radical structure shift. Have you noticed? – Read This Story.   



CUSOs Are The Premier Operational and Strategic Providers of Credit Union Solutions.

► Owned by Credit Unions to Serve Credit Unions

BUYCUSO is a NACUSO sponsored campaign created to increase the awareness of and provide effective solutions to the credit union industry through the collaboration of CUSOs. BUYCUSO is designed to educate our industry on the benefits and expertise of credit union-owned CUSOs and third-party partners.

When credit unions seek solutions to implement Business Services, Insurance, Investing, Lending, Legal, Marketing, Plastics, Payroll Processing Services, Technology, Service Delivery, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Systems, etc… we want credit unions to consider CUSO solution providers first; then BUYCUSO.

BUYCUSO is dedicated to helping credit unions connect with collaborative and innovative CUSO solution opportunities, to meet their needs.

CUSOs uniquely understand credit union needs, operations, and opportunities because they are the creations of the credit unions they serve. CUSOs are credit union born, credit union focused, and credit union driven. They exist to serve the credit union industry and its membership; it’s what CUSOs do. Credit unions are not only the “parents” of CUSOs, but the beneficiaries of CUSO success.

When credit unions consider and utilize CUSO solutions, they keep credit union money in the credit union family, for the benefit of their members and all concerned
. As Stan Hollen, CEO of CO-OP Financial Services, said, “We think its high-time that more credit unions brought their businesses to credit union-owned cooperatives, and away from banks.”

CUSO solutions help credit unions thrive, not just survive.

It’s simple. The next time your credit union is looking for a solution to an organizational, operational, or strategic need, take a moment to consider our own industry for a CUSO solution. You can also contact NACUSO by e-mail at or call toll-free 888-462-2870 for search assistance.

Of course, there are hundreds of options for credit unions select from. Consider “Buying CUSO” for your next project, vendor, partner, or investment opportunity.

You will find many leading CUSO solution providers quickly and easily, in our NACUSOMatch Directory.

Special Thanks to the founding credit union and CUSO partners that donated generously to get BUYCUSO started. Mountain America Credit Union | CU*Answers | Beyond Marketing | Member Gateways | TruHome Solutions | Michigan Educational Credit Union

CUSO Partners can get their BUY CUSO campaign materials for advertising and marketing from Shawna Luna.