2022 NACUSO Network Day 1

Last night was like Christmas Eve to me. I didn’t sleep, tossing and turning, full of anticipation and excitement about the day just around the corner. For months now not a day of my life has gone by that didn’t include something related to this event and like a slingshot pulled back, here it was, poised and ready to go all that was left to do was… let it go (as we are at Disney feel free to sing that in your best Elsa voice).

It’s almost hard to remember life pre-COVID and what the “norms” were then but our team had been watching the data, hoping, willing the numbers to go in a direction that made it possible for us to have the event we pictured in our minds. Today watching that first handshake in the lobby at registration, seeing full smiling faces, friends embracing, hearing voices and laughter echo through the convention center halls filled my heart with joy. It was in that moment that you realize, sure you want all the practical elements of a conference to be great, but what you really need is engaged attendees. People who are happy to be there, who are fostering relationships and learning, who are passionate about our industry, who make all the hard, tedious work worth it just by walking down the hall with a smile on their face.

Thank you for helping us have the most magical day at Disney.