First-Ever CUSO of the Year – Distinguished Service Award Winner: United Solutions Company

2021 Distinguished Service Award Winner:

United Solutions Company

This is a new award that we felt was needed to honor CUSOs like United Solutions who have been providing such exceptional support and service to their credit union owners and partners. This special award is designed to recognize those, like United Solutions, who have been adding value to their credit union partners for decades, and who truly set an example in collaborating while providing unparalleled service to their credit union partners. Their record of never raising prices to their credit union partners, as well as proactively helping their credit union partners to grow and provide competitive technology solutions, really sets them apart.


Ray Cromer was the CEO of United Solutions and the company was started in 1983 when Envision CU got together with another CU and they started the predecessor to United Solutions. They started with Core processing.  They were the very first CUSO in Florida!  Today they service 97 credit union clients in several states. Four CUs are owners.  They also have over 120 banks as clients, which helps to subsidize the costs for credit unions. They also provide more scanning equipment in FL than anyone else, and they have never raised pricing to credit unions since 1983!   An advantage to having only 4 owners, is they are very focused and can make decisions quickly. They also have some industry leaders as “at large” Board members.

Core data processing is their primary service, with over 30% of their revenue coming from Core services … and with their track record of never raising prices, they get included in a lot of RFPs to help credit unions, and their whole reason for being a CUSO is for collaboration with their CU clients.  United Solutions is able to focus on service for their CUs and they typically sign 5-7 year contracts with the CUs. They allow CU clients to have their servers at the United Solutions data centers, where United Solutions can protect them and keep them safe from fraud and cybersecurity problems.

United Solutions measures success through KPIs as well as providing exceptional value to their CU clients.  They have weekly or twice monthly calls with each of their CU clients to stay up to date on how they are doing and help them. The size of the credit union clients ranges from $20 million to $800 million, and they all need the same basic infrastructure to service their members. They do remote processing for a dozen large CUs. All of the credit unions in their data center are all making money and growing.  United Solutions helps them with marketing if they struggle!!  They have built a self-service client portal to help their CUs as well as a CRM system.


Read United Solutions’ take on being the first-ever recipients of this award: