Chadron discovers eDOC through Small Credit Union Initiative

As eDOC Innovations, a CUSO based in Middlebury, Vermont, pushes forward with their efforts to better serve the credit union space, the smaller asset-based segment of the industry has taken notice. eDOC introduced their Small Credit Union Initiative in early 2019 to address the ever-present challenge of technology cost versus member-convenience for small credit unions. The initiative offers credit union under 3,000 members eDOCSignature, eDOC’s eSign platform, at a reduced rate. The product facilitates the execution of transactions through a secure, remote document process. eDOC is committed to assisting the industry by providing conveniences that will attract and retain technology-centered members.

Chadron Federal Credit Union, based in Chadron, Nebraska, is one of the latest to sign on and implement eDOCSignature as a layer to their digital transaction management process.

“We are loving the eDOC solution,” expressed Lisa Guajardo, President/ CEO of Chadron FCU. “We have used it for more things than I even thought of when we were getting started. Some of our long-time members that are loyal to us that have since moved are very happy with the ability to stick with us and not have to travel just to sign a few things. It’s great!”

“The best part of it is to have found a very reasonable company to work with that is seriously hundreds-plus less expensive than what is out there, not to mention a much friendlier group to work with. My lenders are really excited and grateful for making some of their loan applications so much quicker and streamlined,” added Guajardo.

About eDOC Innovations, Inc.

eDOC Innovations is a leader in mobile enterprise digital transaction management solutions for credit unions. For more than 25 years eDOC Innovations has been designing solutions to reduce overhead, increase operational efficiency and provide convenience to members. eDOC Innovations’ products include solutions for remote mobile and in-branch closings, mobile eSignature processing, digital asset lifecycle management, intelligent and interactive form automation, mobile remote deposit capture, electronic statements and more. To learn about our technology visit: or give us a call at: 800.425.7766 Option 3.