AuditLink hosts fifth annual Conversations on Compliance

AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, hosted its fifth annual Conversations on Compliance event. Over fifty attendees were on site at the CUSO’s Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters, coming from all over the country to learn about current topics related to compliance.

The day’s agenda included presentations by AuditLink Manager Jim Vilker on de-risking and its impact on credit union communities; Marvin Johnson, assistant manager, and Patrick Sickels, Internal Auditor, spoke on best practices of evaluating compliance risk, vendor management contract review, and reviewing compliance risk of potential merger partners; and Steven Van Beek from Howard & Howard presented on common compliance challenges. Jim Vilker finished up the day by reviewing internal controls in the wake of recent large embezzlements and an interactive session on developing a marijuana situational risk assessment.

Jim Vilker said: “This event has grown year over year and the content is always developed based upon current challenges for compliance and audit related professionals. By virtue of AuditLink’s unique shared execution services we have become a centralized intelligence unit for the entire cooperative which then translates to diverse and current training content.”

Jason Schmidt, compliance and internal auditor for Frankenmuth Credit Union added: “This was my first time attending the Conversations on Compliance seminar. The topics covered—especially internal controls 101—were beneficial to both compliance and audit focused staff. The presenters kept the audience engaged and were open to all questions. I would definitely be interested in attending future seminars.”

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