AuditLink assists and trains 40 clients on using CU*BASE® tools for abnormal activity monitoring

AuditLink, the audit and compliance division of CU*Answers, announced in February that it would provide all CU*Answers clients with a free session to configure and train staff on utilizing the CU*BASE tools to monitor for high risk suspicious member activity. Since then, forty credit unions have taken up the offer to learn more, with more signed up.

“This is one of the most powerful tools in the core platform to uncover suspicious activity across all channels,” said Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services. “Regulatory pressure has been building as it relates to monitoring for anomalous activity and credit unions are fast becoming required to use analytical tools to uncover potential fraud or money laundering. Forty credit unions signed up for the free configuration and training and each one is finding it an eye-opening experience.”

“After walking through the configuration process with the AuditLink team I am very excited to get started utilizing this analytical tool,” said Barb Klein, NCCO, vice president of compliance at Building Trades FCU. “As we ran through the set-up, accounts immediately boiled to the surface that required further investigation. The AuditLink team made it easy to activate and did a very good job training best practice use of the tool.”

AuditLink has posted the PowerPoint presentation on their website for anyone that was not able to make the webinar.

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