Two time NACUSO Next Big Idea Winner Partners with myCUmortgage to Offer Award Winning Products

Industry leading CUSOs join to offer innovative solutions to partner credit unions.

keith kelly

Guy Messick, Keith Kelly and Jack Antonini celebrate RateReset’s KNOCK KNOCK victory at the NACUSO 2018 Next Big Idea Competition

CU RateReset, the winner of the 2016 and 2018 NACUSO Next Big Idea and the provider of Financial Product Reset, Acquisition and Retention Software, today announced a partnership with myCUmortgage to offer CU RateReset Solutions to the myCUmortgage partner credit unions. CU RateReset’s three primary solutions all designed to engage the member through its KNOCK KNOCK platform are:

Reset – for Auto, Mortgage, Credit Cards, CDs, HELOCs, and Personal Loans: 

  • Enables a member to reset existing financial products they have with a credit union without the cost and hassle of refinancing – only a few clicks to complete the transaction.
  • Credit union selects members for program inclusion based on their internal requirements and CURateReset automates the member outreach, reset, and the closing documentation.
  • CURateReset automates loan and CD retention so Member Advocates can focus on expanding exisiting and developing new member relationships.

LoanGEN – for Loan Acquisition and Recapture: 

  • Recapture member mortgages, auto loans, personal loans and credit cards at other financial institutions as well as showcase products to attract new members.
  • Members can design their custom auto payment and move their existing loans over to their credit union.
  • Very successful as a tool for member facing areas to improve effectiveness and efficiency in presenting products to members and capturing a loan application.

Digital Pre-Approval – for Credit Card, Auto Recapture, Home Equity Loans and new CD’s 

  • Credit Union creates specific offers for each member and uses CU RateReset to create a unique digital experience for each member
  • The offer puts the member in control and allows them to execute documents, fund the transaction if necessary, and authorize balance transfers.

“We are excited to partner with myCUmortgage to offer the KNOCK KNOCK platform to its partner credit unions. We believe that beginning with Reset Mortgage, this partnership will help those credit unions with their digital transformation in an affordable and deliberate way with great support from both of these highly respected CUSOs” said Keith Kelly, Founder and CEO of CU RateReset. CI RateReset KNOCK KNOCK was the winner of the 2016 and 2018 NACUSO Next Big Idea Competition. 

“myCUmortgage is focused on providing comprehensive solutions to its partner credit unions to help them become exceptional mortgage lenders,” said Tim Mislansky, President of myCUmortgage. “As we looked at new opportunities to expand what we provide, we were struck by how the Reset Mortgage program offered by CU RateReset not only helps credit unions increase their mortgage retention and lowers their origination costs, but also how members benefit from easily controlling the interest rate on their ARM loans.” 

“We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative CUSO like CU RateReset to bring the Reset Mortgage solution to our partner credit unions, as well as connect them to the whole suite of CU RateReset products through the award-winning KNOCK KNOCK platform. We look forward to working with them to bring new mortgage products to market for our partner credit unions, “added Mislansky.

About myCUmortgage, LLC. 

myCUmortgage®, a wholly-owned Credit Union Service Organization of Wright-Patt Credit Union in Beavercreek, Ohio, is obsessed with helping credit union partners to be great mortgage lenders. Through exceptional leadership, comprehensive solutions, expert guidance and partner-focused service, myCUmortgage delivers peace of mind to credit union partners across the United States. To learn more about our mortgage-obsession, visit

About CURateReset: 

CU RateReset is a CUSO that offers award winning products that allow the member to be in control of what have historically been routine administrative tasks that are time consuming for both front line and support staff. The CU RateReset family of credit unions have worked together to create a full menu of digital solutions of the future that – are available today. CU RateReset’s patent pending KNOCK KNOCK was introduced in early 2018, and has gone on to be recognized as the future of credit union interaction with members – a truly bilateral communication channel that will allow for “just in time” member offers rather than “just in case” or “order taking”, as well as allowing the member to make informed choices about their financial health.     For more information on CU RateReset visit