10/5/2018: NACUSO’s Response to NCUA’s Request Regarding CUSO Oversight

NACUSO is committed to protecting a regulatory climate that fosters innovation and collaboration in the credit union industry. The Board of NACUSO is laser focused on that goal and recognizes that the regulatory environment CUSOs operate under is often much more determined in the board room at NCUA, in the state supervisory authority offices and in the director’s suite at CFPB than in the halls of Congress.

However, in testimony before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, the Chairman of the NCUA asked for the committee’s consideration of legislation to expand NCUA’s direct regulatory and supervisory authority beyond that of regulating and supervising credit unions.

Click here to view NACUSO’s response to the request from National Credit Union Administration for Unrestricted Regulatory and Supervisory Authority over all Credit Union Vendors.

NACUSO is committed to protecting the future of CUSOs through a world-class conference, education, and advocacy.  To help us fight this legislative battle, we would appreciate your support of our advocacy fund.