Buzz Points Disrupts the Rewards Industry with Innovative Contracts and Pricing

Buzz Points, Inc. ( is known in the rewards industry as innovators that are often the first to market with new technology. They were the first to offer card-linked rewards and the first to create an all-encompassing platform solution that offers rewards on debit cards, credit cards and account activities. Today, Buzz Points is announcing another first: month-to-month contracts.

Buzz Points enables community financial institutions to offer a free rewards program for consumers where they earn rewards everywhere they shop and for completing account activities, such as enrolling in estatements or applying for auto loans. Industry standard contracts for these types of programs usually last 3-5 years and frequently include exclusions and other terms that often make it difficult and cost prohibitive to make a change. Buzz Points is bucking this trend of archaic contracts and pricing models that leave banks and credit unions with very few options when they are dissatisfied with results.

With this announcement, Buzz Points builds upon its reputation of innovation as they strive to meet the demands of community financial institutions. Buzz Points’ new, flexible contract options available in May, include a month-to-month option. Pricing is simple and transparent, without hidden fees, exclusivity terms and exorbitant cancellation fees. Longer contracts at reduced costs will be available, but for those institutions wanting to evaluate a program before committing long term, they now have that option.

The team at Buzz Points is proud to be the first to bring this type of contract and pricing flexibility to the rewards and loyalty space for financial institutions. “Our customers have been telling us that they want the flexibility to try products before signing long-term commitments. If a program doesn’t work for them, they want options,” said Buzz Points CEO, Dwayne Spradlin. “It’s like the lessons of cable and phone companies never caught up with this industry. We’re going to change that.”