The “A” in DREAM is for Automate

DREAM Big Contest Continues!

Think of the first three letters Differentiate, Recreate and Educate as the ingredients to bake a one-of-a-kind-out-of-this-world-cake. Now we put them all together and automate (or bake) it.

Kirk recommends the new member experience be the first place to try marketing automation.

I recently sat in on a conference call regarding Net Promoter Score and found out that most credit unions are not “blowing members away” when they open up their new account.  In fact, very few members will give a promoter score citing “Too early to tell” or “I just opened the account and I don’t feel I know them yet.”

But this was even more disconcerting. In a Pacific NW study of credit unions and banks they found that Chase AND Bank of America scored higher with Millennials (18-34) on the “overall recommend” question. They did not cite service as the reason but rather just the opposite. They do a great job making it possible for the Millennial customer to NEVER have to interact with a human. And they do that using automation.

How can we use automation to wow new members?

Kirk calls it the first 100 day journey. Whenever a brand new member walks into a branch, calls the call center or clicks on your website is the ultimate moment of truth in my opinion. First of all, it says you did something right. It could be a recommendation, an ad, a Google search, something caught their attention and made them decide to MOVE their checking account. That’s right, when we open a new checking account seldom is it for a person who has never had one before. They have made the painful decision to switch banks as it were.

It starts with your website and it goes back to that Google machine. You want your website to be able to answer any and all questions people are typing into Google as it pertains to a checking account. There are a fair number of marketing automation tools in the credit union space to choose from – Kirk likes Onovative and HubSpot. As I mentioned in the last blog – The “E” in DREAM is educate and few credit union websites do that. Most still look like a brochure rack and are too “inwardly” focused. Look at our auto rate? We have free checking!

The new member’s first 100 days

Map it out. What should happen in those first 100 days? When? Where? It can take, on average 30 days for a member to completely move everything from an old checking account to the new one they just opened with you. Here are some things to consider in that first 100 days:

  • How easy is it? Does your “switch kit” just amplify the pain they are going to go through? Or does it actually help?
  • How might we communicate with the member in those first 100 days to make sure they got their debit card and PIN (ideally you would instant issue but I know not everyone can afford that yet)? Make sure they successfully signed up for bill pay and mobile banking.
  • Remind them of the locations of the free ATMs in relation to where they live and work!
  • Circle back to make sure they are “protected” from the unlikely event that they might overdraft and let them know “You have their back.”

All of this messaging can be done with marketing automation. You’ll notice that it is all education with some choreographed “wows” in there. That’s CU 2.0 and dreaming big!

CONTEST PART: If your credit union gets it, and you have built a marketing automation program for the on boarding of a new member, we’d love to hear about it. Email your wonderful content to

The winner receives an autographed copy of CU 2.0 by Kirk Drake AND $200.00 off the registration for the 2018 NACUSO Network Conference at Disneyland in Southern California on April 16th – 19th.