The “E” in DREAM Big Contest: Educate and Excite!

When I was the VP Marketing for First Tech Credit Union I was in charge of the website. This is back in 1997 when websites were in their infancy. We paid an inordinate amount of money for the first one to be built (read, as much as my first home). My job was to keep the content fresh. We had pages and pages of marketing copy. But I wondered, was anyone reading it? When they land on the home page, where do they go next? Is our navigation working?

Microsoft (who was one of our SEGs) had just come out with some fancy software that could tell us just that. The guy in IT described it to me in this way “Imagine a field of freshly fallen snow, this software is going to show you the footprints in that snow so you can see the “path” people take when they go to your website. Yay! I couldn’t wait to see the results. I never could have imagined it at the time. There was a muddy trough directly to the home banking login. The majority of the pages were not visited even ONCE!

What an eye opener. Fast forward 20 years and here we have Kirk’s book telling us that members are probably still doing the same thing. That’s why most of us don’t dare bury the login to home banking for fear of losing them entirely. So how do we get our members to read our stuff? It’s so simple, make it relevant and compelling and local! Yes local.

Last week we talked about how the Google machine rules the world. If you want to be found you need to know how Google sees the world. Google loves local. Create local content that is hyper-targeted at an age group, a population, an experience or a region – whatever it is, target it in a way that Bank of America or other big banks can’t. I just looked at several credit union websites and few even have “content.” Most have copy, which isn’t the same thing. Here’s the difference.

Copy: Nusenda Credit Union’s personal checking accounts bring rewards instead of the high fees associated with typical banking services. As a credit union serving more than 150,000 members, we’re able to offer several low-fee or no-fee options, including the breeze Debit Card, Essential Checking, and Dividend Checking accounts.

All three accounts offer a variety of ways to make banking easy, anytime, anywhere. Like state-of-the-art Apps, Mobile Deposit, and Apple PayTM. Plus, we offer programs like Community Rewards and Earn Your Return to reward you instead of ways to nickle and dime you with unnecessary fees.  That’s what we’re all about.

Copy tends to be about you. Content needs to be about THEM!

Tropical Credit Union gets it. They developed four personas, made a list of the most common questions these members ask and developed rich content in the form of a blog to address specific hyper-target areas.

A great example is the blog title “Are You Ready to Move Out?” You can only guess who the target is for this article. It’s written as though you are talking to the member. A dear friend of mine once said “If we talked to our friends the way we talk in our marketing messages they would punch us in the face!” So give that a try. You have a 22 year old niece that really needs to get out of her parent’s basement, help her understand what it’s like renting. What do I need to look out for? The blog post on TCU’s website addressees things like security deposits, pet policies, early termination of a lease, utilities, and building policy. This has absolutely nothing to do with selling your products and services and yet has everything to do with that. Plus, it’s a lot more fun that trying to churn out some more dull copy about a checking account.

CONTEST PART: If your credit union gets it, and you have rich content targeting a specific audience we’d like to see it. Email your wonderful content to

The winner receives an autographed copy of CU 2.0 by Kirk Drake AND $200.00 off the registration for the 2018 NACUSO Network Conference at Disneyland in Southern California on April 16th – 18th.