Linda Bodie, CUSO Power-User. An interview with CUES

Linda Bodie, CU CEO and Warrior

As part of “CUES on CUSO’s” month-long focus on credit union service organizations, they featured  Linda Bodie, CEO and chief innovator at Element Federal Credit Union on their weekly podcast. Linda works with several CUSOs to make her small credit union act big. CUES will learn more about CUSO’s, their impact on the industry and what partnering can mean for your CU by publishing a series of articles, offering two webinars taught by our own Guy Messick and Denise Wymore and feature coverage of the Next Big Idea Competition next week at the NACUSO Network Conference.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Read this NACUSO Spotlight article we featured on our blog earlier this year to learn more about the many CUSOs Linda’s credit union uses to compete with the big boys.