The 6th Cooperative Principle in Action: Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Mobile economy affects business of all types.  The Federal Reserve Bank reports 86% of adults in the US have cell phones today, and they are using them for all types of business.  For business leaders who wonder how to speed their business forward by closing business more effectively, digital transactions are a definitive part of the answer.  

Market data, combined with internal studies at eDOC, clearly demonstrate the disruptive effect of mobile technology on consumer behavior.  It highlights the importance of every business leader becoming an aggressive tactician in leveraging mobile technology to perform digital transactions. Becoming experts in mobile enterprise digital transaction management is a core competency requirement of the contemporary business leader.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I tap into resources that can help me transform and win?” I’ll suggest one source, the cooperative credit union service organizations of the industry, known as CUSOs. These industry owned businesses drive down barriers of entry, and related costs through cooperative aggregation and engagement. These days it is easy to find them. All that is needed is a browser; go to and look for the CUSO registry. The power of the industry cooperatives is available, leverage it!

eDOC is a multi-owned CUSO and a contributor in the collaboration and operational processing network. This partnership is a template for CUSO-to-CUSO collaboration, benefiting credit unions nationally through economies of scale and innovative technology. This network has demonstrated its leadership in advocating CUSO collaboration historically, and is evidence of eDOC’s commitment to this type of collaboration, which is vitally important to the industry and builds a template for sustainable innovation that ultimately benefits member owners.

About the Author: Bret Weekes is the President & CEO of eDOC Innovations. He leads the overall strategic direction of the firm, serves on the eDOC Innovations Board of Directors and is a stockholder of the CUSO.  He is a member of the CUFX Vendor Advisory Board and an active participant of NACUSO, AIIM, and ECCHO

eDOC Innovations will be exhibiting at the NACUSO Network Conference and will offer a 6 month free subscription to eDOC’s mDTM platform, eDOCSignature, to all NACUSO members Additionally, any non-member CUSO can also receive a free 3 month subscription to eDOCSignature. eDOCSignature automates all paper-based business processes from secure form creation to sending documents for electronic signature. In just minutes, on any mobile device, CUSOs have the power to digitally sign documents and close business faster.