NACUSO's Mortgage Services Compensation Study & Analysis!

We are pleased to announce the sale of our first ever Mortgage Compensation Study. This survey was prepared under direction of the NACUSO Mortgage Services Advisory Committee which is a group of Credit Unions and CUSOs with special interest in the mortgage sector. The MSAC meets regularly to discuss new mortgage regulations and how to implement or comply with them as well as matters of interest to the group and take on projects that aid them in their work.

This 180-page Compensation Study includes survey information completed by over 50 mortgage executives including Members of both NACUSO and ACUMA involved in the mortgage industry. These CUSOs and Credit Unions are located in all parts of the US from small cities to larger metro areas. NACUSO’s Mortgage Compensation Survey includes the general geographical, member size, and asset size of the respondents who completed the survey to assist you in evaluating and comparing the survey data to your own organization. Compensation analysis is provided on 26 different job titles.

NACUSO Member Cost: $450
Non-Member Cost: $750

Click here to place your order online.  Upon receipt of payment, the link and password to download the study will be sent.  For questions email Not a member? Join online at Join NACUSO. Membership is only $850 for credit unions and CUSOs and includes many membership benefits such as reduced costs for NACUSO’s Annual Conference, free Webinars and industry updates, as well as potential participation in the Mortgage Services Advisory.

General Information – Results of these questions are provided in the study:

  • What type of organization do you represent?
  • Approximately how many employees work for the organization?
  • What was your 2012 average monthly loan volume in units?
  • In what region do the majority of your employee’s reside?
  • With regard to hiring opportunities, which would you say best describes where the organization is located?
  • What is the organization’s targeted salary increase level for merit based, non-promotional increases in 2013 for employee’s who ‘Meet Requirements’?
  • What is the organization’s targeted salary increase level for merit based, non-promotional increases in 2013 for employee’s who ‘Exceed Requirements’?
  • How does the organization provide health & welfare benefits to its employees?
  • How does your organization compensate its employees for time off?
  • How many paid holidays are offered by the organization?
  • For all non-executive positions, in 2012 what was the $ value of the employer paid portion of health & welfare benefits package as a percentage of base salary? (Calculation Formula: Annual ER portion of health & welfare benefit premium/total non-executive base salaries)?

Compensation Information – Results of these questions are provided for 26 different job positions:

  • Is this position currently utilized within your organization?
  • What type of compensation is available for this position?
  • What is the typical employment status of this position?
  • Is the individual that occupies this position an employee of the organization or an independent contractor?
  • What is the annual mid-point of the salary range for this position?
  • What is the average variable pay as a % of salary and $ of salary?
  • What Is the nature of the variable pay based on?
  • Frequency of variable pay?
  • Checklist of benefits that are available to the individual in this position
  • How frequently is the position available for performance/merit review by supervisor?

        Compensation information provided for these 26 job positions:

  • Collection Clerk
  • Compliance Officer
  • Inside Mortgage Loan Officer/Originator
  • Member Service Representative I
  • Member Service Representative II (Sr)
  • Mortgage Administrative Assistant
  • Mortgage Closer
  • Mortgage Loan Funding Clerk
  • Mortgage Loan Officer I – Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Mortgage Loan Officer II (Sr) – Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Mortgage Loan Processing Manager
  • Mortgage Loan Processing Supervisor
  • Mortgage Loan Processor I
  • Mortgage Loan Processor II
  • Mortgage Loan Processor III
  • Mortgage Loan Servicing Clerk
  • Mortgage Loan Servicing Clerk (Sr)
  • Mortgage Loan Servicing Manager
  • Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk
  • Mortgage Post Closer
  • Mortgage Underwriter I
  • Mortgage Underwriter II
  • Mortgage Underwriter III (Sr)
  • Mortgage Underwriting Manager
  • Secondary Market Coordinator
  • Secondary Market Manager