Michigan Educational CU Donates to “BUY CUSO” Campaign

Newport Beach, Calif. (Aug. 28, 2008) – The National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations (NACUSO) announced the Michigan Educational Credit Union recently donated $2,500 to support the on-going “BUY CUSO” advertising campaign.  The contribution was delivered by Bill Brunton, president/CEO of Michigan Educational Credit Union, headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan.


“NACUSO is indebted to the vision and generosity of leaders like Bill Brunton.  Extensive collaboration through CUSOs has become critical to the growth and survival of credit unions in today’s competitive environment.  Thanks to the Michigan Educational Credit Union and Bill Brunton’s leadership, credit union executives will more quickly recognize the essential role CUSOs play in the industry,” said Thomas C. Davis, NACUSO president/CEO.  “Credit unions of all sizes outsource selected operational functions to CUSO solution providers, keeping operating costs down while increasing service and expertise to benefit members.”


The Michigan Educational Credit Union benefaction brings the total BUY CUSO contributions to $32,500, since fall 2007.  To date, BUY CUSO campaign funds were donated by Mountain America Credit Union, CU*Answers, Member Gateways, LLC, Beyond Marketing, LLC, TruHome Solutions, LLC, and most recently, the Michigan Educational Credit Union.   


“CUSOs enable credit unions to acquire both scale and control over key operational services,” said Davis.  “The BUY CUSO campaign reminds credit union executives that, when considering service providers, they should give first consideration to CUSOs then BUY CUSO and realize the inherent benefits they provide.” 


BUY CUSO is a NACUSO sponsored campaign created to increase the awareness of CUSOs as the professional providers of effective solutions to credit unions, through collaboration with CUSOs.  In addition, BUY CUSO is designed to educate the industry on the benefits and expertise of credit union-owned CUSOs and third-party partners.  Providing education and networking opportunities to help credit unions understand the value of “Buying CUSO” is one of the primary objectives of NACUSO’s National Center for Collaboration and Innovation.


The BUY CUSO campaign was officially launched with advertisements appearing on several trade publication Web sites beginning April 28, 2008, coinciding with the NACUSO 2008 Annual Conference in Las Vegas.  The campaign will continue in printed trade publications and online.   

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