2008 NACUSO Collaboration & Innovation Award Winner Announced at NACUSO Conference

Las Vegas, Nev. (April 28, 2008) – The formal announcement of the 2008 NACUSO Collaboration and Innovation Award winner was made official today, during a general session special awards presentation, at the NACUSO 2008 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. The 2008 premier award winner was CU*Answers. Randy Karnes, CEO, accepted the award for CU*Answers, a one hundred percent credit union-owned CUSO located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offering a wide-variety of services, including its flagship CU*BASE processing system, to credit unions nationally. The purpose of the NACUSO award is to recognize those CUSOs, from across the U.S., using collaboration and innovation to create a strong, vibrant credit union industry.

Honorable Mention for the 2008 NACUSO Collaboration and Innovation Award went to Ongoing Operations, LLC, a business continuity and disaster recovery systems CUSO headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland. Kirk Drake, CEO, accepted this year’s Honorable Mention award for Ongoing Operations, LLC, which also received Honorable Mention in 2007.

“Congratulations to Randy Karnes’ and his entire team at CU*Answers; it’s just a wonderful achievement,” said Tom Davis, NACUSO president/CEO. “All of the nominees and award winners should be very proud for setting such a high standard of excellence.”

The Award Criteria was based on the following:

  1. Thought Leadership and Critical Thinking
  2. Creating Value Using Collaboration
  3. Innovation in Organizational Design
  4. Innovation in Implementation and Execution
  5. Delivering Results, Outcomes, and Performance

The Evaluation & Scoring Methodology was as follows:

  1. Award evaluation categories and underlying criteria communicated to all nominees and judges.
  2. All nominations scored independently by the judges using a criterion rating of 1 – 5.
  3. Individual scores transferred to Master Scoring Matrix.
  4. Results tabulated to determine the winners.

Judges for the 2008 NACUSO Collaboration and Innovation Award were Paul Hazen, President & CEO, National Cooperative Business Association, Pete Snyder, President, Snyder Consulting Solutions, LLC, Ray Springsteen, Senior Vice President, Callahan & Associates, John Pembroke, Chief Marketing Officer, PSCU Financial Services, and Kevin Marshall, Vice President, StraightPath Management, Inc.