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2019 Next Big Idea Winner & CUSO of the Year Winners

The 7th annual Next Big Idea winner is Zogo Finance. Bolun Li, Founder of Zogo began his presentation by asking the attendees to raise their hand if they had teenagers, now or in the past. And then he did an amazing job explaining to a room full of parents how his product can both educate and motivate teenagers. A daunting task to be sure. Zogo received 55% of the audience’s votes to claim the victory. Click here for photos and to watch his post-victory interview with Mike Lawson, CUbroadcast.

Click here to see photos and read about who the winners of this year’s CUSO of the Year and New CUSO of the Year Awards were.

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CUSOs in the News

CU*Answers completes pilot Leadership Development Program

The Organizational Resource Development (ORD) department of CU*Answers completed its pilot “Good-to-Great” Leadership Development Program. On September 10, President and COO Geoff Johnson acted as a guest speaker and joined the twenty participants consisting of vice presidents and assistant vice presidents. In this final class, Johnson asked the participants about how their view of leadership had changed as a result of the classes, and the methods they’ll use to incorporate these concepts into their day-to-day management practices.

The program consisted of ten 90-minute classes, each covering a specific leadership subject by examining the high-level concepts, then adding detail based on the CU*Answers culture. Each class also includes video interviews by members of the Executive Council to emphasize these concepts, and between-class “homework”. Subjects of the classes include effective communication, coaching, conflict resolution and staff empowerment.

Johnson viewed the program as an important piece of the ongoing employee development at CU*Answers.… Read more

CU*Answers Network Services to add unlimited support for all Complete Care clients

CU*Answers Network Services (CNS) is pleased to announce that for all clients of their comprehensive managed services bundle, Complete Care, unlimited remote support will be included.

“Our number one focus is to take the best care of our clients that we possibly can,” said Matt Sawtell, VP of Managed Technology Services. “Moving from a block of hours approach, which we had previously bundled with these agreements, to an unlimited support model removes a big speed bump to us doing that. Now instead of having to ask a client if they would like to use their block of time, we can simply get the work done.”

“As with all of CU*Answers, Network Services is looking every year to add some more value to what we do for our clients and owners,” added Dave Wordhouse, EVP of Technology. “It will lower the cost of doing business with us and will give our team the ability to expedite getting all a credit union’s support needs addressed.”

The changes to the agreement will go into effect on October 1st for all existing Complete Care clients and will be the standard for all new clients in the future.… Read more

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