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2018 The Next Big Idea Competition

In the toughest competition to date, CU RateReset CEO Keith Kelly once again knocks it out of the park with his 7 minute presentation at the Next Big Idea Competition last week at the NACUSO Network Conference at the Disneyland Hotel.

Two years ago Keith won the competition with CU RateReset. This year he entered with Knocknock, a disruptive digital solution that provides bilateral interaction between the credit union and the member to deliver “just in time offers” based on real time triggers.


CUSOs in the News

Site-Four completes successful high availability program review

As part of an ongoing business continuity program, Site-Four, LLC actively maintains a high-availability (HA) core-processing environment with real-time CU*BASE® data replication between identical servers located at two geographically dispersed, state-of-the-art datacenters. Regular HA rollover events are scheduled to redirect core-processing and operations to the secondary datacenter (located in Kentwood, MI) for up to seven business days. At the completion of each event, core-processing is redirected back to the primary location in Yankton, SD.

“These rollover exercises are an invaluable part of validating business continuity and recovery procedures and ensure the ongoing availability of CU*BASE core processing,” said Alan Rogers, Site‑Four CEO. “Each recovery test and high-availability rollover exercise provides us the opportunity to continually improve the process and adjust the needed procedures accordingly. The best way to accomplish this is to ‘Practice. Learn. Document. Repeat.’”


2017 Next Big Idea Winner Constellation Unveils Third Major Platform Release to Provide Access to Core Systems

The Next Big Idea Constellation Digital Partners, LLC is pleased to announce the groundbreaking release of Boötes, the third major development milestone for Constellation following the launch of Aquarius and Aquarius 1.1 earlier this year. 

The Boötes release is paramount as it enables the first three core connections on the Constellation platform, and takes the developer experience to a new level by providing access to core data that allows developers to build services for authenticated users. Additional core connections will be coming soon. 

“A major road block has been removed for developers with the release of Boötes,” said Developer Evangelist Daryl Thornton. “Fintech service providers can now scale their solutions across three core banking platforms by integrating with one solution. The Boötes release lays the ground work needed for developers to authenticate members and access member data on the Constellation platform.”

With Boötes, fintech service providers can develop a single instance of a service that can communicate with multiple credit union core systems. The effort of connecting to individual core systems for member data, balances, transactions and more will soon be a thing of the past. Fintech service providers can add new credit union customers quickly without the challenge of core integration. In addition, user authentication is also handled by the Constellation platform.

“The speed and flexibility of our platform is resonating with our fintech partners and our credit unions,” said Founder and CEO Kristopher Kovacs. “Before we even released Boötes, we had 37 fintech partners working on 45 new digital services through our Developer Portal. With this release, we are providing our developers with reusable security and seamless core integration, which is similar to throwing an accelerant on their innovative fires.”

Constellation is making it possible for credit unions to access resources needed to provide the digital services members expect and want. Constellation’s patented secure marketplace enables credit unions to engage members in a way that’s never been possible before.

To learn more about the 2019 NACUSO Next Big Idea Competition click here! 

To learn more about Constellation, visit www.constellation.coop. Connect with Constellation on TwitterInstagram (@ConstellationDP), Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Constellation Digital Partners, LLC:

Constellation provides a patented, secure and flexible cloud-based marketplace that enables upper to mid-tier credit unions and innovative app developers to provide safe, reliable, and next-generation digital financial service experiences while giving the freedom to compete, innovate, and thrive in the financial services industry. Constellation redefines what credit unions offer, delivering digital financial services in a way that enables them to place members at the center of their business strategy. Visit www.constellation.coop to learn more.

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